There is no shortage of information out there on How To Play Guitar...especially FREE info all over the Interwebs.

But this is both a BLESSING and a CURSE. The blessing is that it is out there ready to be consumed. The curse is that it is out there ready to be consumed (But without any underlying ORGANISATION). The result is INFORMATION OVERWHELM and a lack of CONNECTION from one guitar concept to the next.

  • How music, in general, works is based on a knowledge of the building blocks of music (musical notes and their locations upon the fretboard).  Note knowledge IS the fundemental grammer of music.  Knowing this stuff is POWER.
  • Knowing the grammer of music will always enable you to make "connections" between musical concepts far more efficiently than gathering random information (think INTERWEBS) that doesn't ground itself in this grammer.  This can lead to INFORMATION OVERWHELM. 
  • Can you imagine recognizing a word but not knowing the letters that make it up?  Seems strange right?  But guitarists do this all the time.  A chord is a recognizable shape (word).  A scale is a recognizable pattern (word).  And yet these things are built from NOTES.  In fact, it's the notes that make the shape.  Knowing this stuff privides tremendous INSIGHT and CONNECTION between guitar concepts.

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