If you are still using "Canned Strum Patterns" to play the songs you love...then you're missing the point!

Those canned patterns will, eventually, make all the songs you want play start to sound the SAME.  The solution is to ditch those patterns and let the song "tell you" what to strum.  This is the way the pros do it...so you should too!

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You will need to change your OPERATING SYSTEM (OS)...


I'm going to guess that you are already relying on canned strum patterns and you're most likely beginning to realize that a lot of your strumming activity is starting to sound the same...RIGHT?

This approach to strumming does make sense at the very beginning stages of learning to strum...but you must not stay there for too long. 

Typically someone simply showed you a strum pattern to a song you wanted to play.

And you got really good at!

When the next song came along, it seemed logical to use the strum pattern you were already uber good at.  

If it worked, you used it.  If it didn't work, you needed to be shown yet another strum pattern.

This approach is pretty much "PEEL & STICK" ...

...and this is a problem.




IMAGINE being able to HEAR information within the song that would give you a clue as to how you should strum it.  

You'd be able to strum what ever you want and not have to WAIT for someone else to show you how to do it.

Best of all, you'll strum what the song needs (making your strumming much more personal and musical) rather than sticking a random memorized pattern over it and hope it works. 

You will learn a NEW OPERATING SYSTEM for strumming that has nothing to do with using canned strum patterns.

My E-book GUITAR STRUMMING OS is designed to get you started on this new path toward mastery of strumming based on what YOU hear within a song.

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Stop Using CANNED Strumming Patterns

They're just like training wheels on a bike.  You are not really riding the bike.

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Start Using Your EARS... Listening for Musical Clues

Doing this will enable YOU to create your own strumming solutions...as it should be.

Download Guitar Strumming OS E-Book

For a Limited Time... $27

What's In It?

  • A comprehensive discussion of the most important musical concepts you will need to to begin changing your strumming Operating System.
  •  58 pages of content with about half of it committed to actual training of the FEEL of rhythm which skillful strumming requires.
  • Rhythm templates to copy  and practice with.
  • A listing of popular songs that can be played using suggested Basic Strumming Mechanisms as a starting point.


Module One: Two Really BIG Concepts.

  • Explores what it means to develop MUSICAL AWARENESS and how to listen for the PULSE of a song.

Module Two: The 3 Basic Strumming Mechanisms.

  • We'll use these as a framework to create your own strumming solutions.

Modules Three, Four & Five: Training.

  • This is where you will go to the gym to build your strumming muscles and rhythm awareness skills.

Module Six: The VIBE.

  • You will learn to manipulate the Basic Strumming Mechanisms to best reflect the FEEL or VIBE of a song.



Download Guitar Strumming OS E-Book

For a Limited Time...$27
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