Let's Get You Thinking About Strumming The Way The PROS Do It! Are You Ready?



"Congratulations on creating a course that I can sincerely say is truly unique and really does fill a gap that has existed for too long in the field of instructional guitar. This will prove incredibly valuable to beginner-intermediate students. "

Mike Beatham
Fretjam.com/Internet Guitar Instructor

"I think it’s a fairly well-accepted urban legend that strumming (skills) will just occur naturally once a guitarist learns a few chords…and while this may be true for some, Guitar Strumming Decoded is precisely what the rest of us need in order to progress. "

Dan Tanner
Retired RCMP Officer

"Strumming Decoded has given me the knowledge and the confidence to tackle new songs on my own. My strumming has never sounded better. Thank you, Stephen! "

Alex MacPhee
Information Technology Manager

"Your course came at exactly the right time. I was at the point where I knew I needed to change my approach to rhythm but I had no idea how to go about it. Knowing what to pay attention to, and when, turned out to be a game changer for me. Thank you very much for this invaluable program and for the time and effort you put into the follow up support."

Eric Athlan


This course is designed to get you out of the "How do I strum that song?" rut, basically always waiting for someone else to show you how to strum a song. Instead, this course will help to give you the tools and the training to be able to create your own strumming solutions based on using only ONE KEY SKILL... RHYTHM AWARENESS


Understand how rhythm works without reading music. Instead you will develop a FEEL for rhythm in your body and then apply it to your guitar- as it should be!.  Always remember that a guitar cannot make rhythm-only a human can.  An awareness of rhythm flows from the body to your guitar- no exceptions!  STRUMMING IS RHYTHM!


Strumming actually has a very easy "underlying structure" to it- what I call Basic Strumming Mechanisms (BSM). You will learn the 3 Basic Strumming Mechanisms so you can strum pretty much anything you want.  There are lots of variations of these 3 mechanisms- but you have to start somewhere.  STRUMMING IS ABOUT CHOICES!    


Are you waiting for someone to tell you WHAT TO SAY NEXT?  Of course not!  Likewise, you don't have to wait to be shown how to strum your favorite song.  Both speaking AND strumming are SKILLS-it's just that speaking feels easier to you because you've been doing for a longer time. Waiting for someone/something to show you a strum pattern is just plain frustrating.  You can totally do this yourself so you won't have to WAIT!  STRUMMING IS PERSONAL!

Checkout a Sample "Training" Lesson

It's important to remember that the TRAINING PORTION of this course is NOT about giving you "Strum Patterns" to memorize. Rather it's about learning to FEEL the result of you altering one of the 3 Basic Strumming Mechanisms and listening to that result- feeling & listening are the main themes in this course. You will need these skills when you do the APPLICATION PORTION- putting your new found skills to the test and creating your own strumming solutions for 3 songs.


Checkout a sample "Application" Lesson

The APPLICATION PORTION of the course is all about, well, applying the concepts of 1. The PULSE, 2. Choosing a BASIC STRUMMING MECHANISM (BSM) as your starting point for your strumming solution and finally 3. MANIPULATING your chosen BSM to get even closer to the FEEL of VIBE of the song. Think of your BSM as a piece of marble and by sculpting it (manipulating) you are getting closer to revealing the sculpture- the true VIBE of the song.



The next time you want to join in a beach jam session you won't have to ask the question " How do I strum that song?" You'll have the skills to listen, pull some information from the song and simply...GO! It does take some training but that's true of ANY SKILL.  KNOWLEDGE is POWER and both contribute to your confidence as a strumming guitarist.  STRUMMING IS FREEDOM! 

What Will I Learn From This Course?

  • The underlying MECHANISM of strumming (It's easier than you think).
  • For you to be good at strumming, you must realize that rhythm must be felt in your body FIRST– then it will come through your guitar. We're going to train this skill a lot.
  • The 3 BASIC STRUMMING MECHANISMS (BSM) that make up 90% of all the strumming you will do. You'll learn how to recognize which BSM works best with a partiular song.
  • Your ability to manipulate the 3 BASIC STRUMMING MECHANISMS will create all the strum patterns you need to feel confident and be able to create more elaborate strum patterns when you are ready. A large portion of this course is learning to FEEL the result of these "strumming manipulations".
  • That you are fully capable of deciding how you will strum your guitar to a song without relying on someone else. A little extra knowledge and a little training will help you get there.  No more waiting to be shown how to strum.
  • Watch me (help you) as I reveal the "information" in 3 original songs that will enable you to create your own strumming solution to each song. You'll learn how to listen to music in a much deeper way.
  • How increasing the speed of playing a strumming solution helps to place the FEEL of it into your body better- get it into your BONES as it were.
  • The 3 chords that I use throughout the course (that you can easily make) just in case you feel your chord making & chord changing skills are not up to speed yet. Remember, chords just make this training sound pretty. You could actually do the whole course just by hitting muted strings (no chords at all)- like a drummer on strings, not skins!
  • Most important: Rhythm (strumming) is about relationships. How the musical PULSE of a song relates to a TAPPING FOOT of a guitarist and how both of these activities relates to the MOTION of your strumming hand and the activities of other instruments within a song. You'll learn how to unify these activities to produce a more musical YOU.  In other words you will build a solid foundation of RHYTHM AWARENESS- the cornerstone of AWESOME strumming skills.

What Will I Get in this Course?

The TRAINING MANUAL provides essential Rhythm Concepts and hands on Rhythm Awareness Training Exercises that, together with the Video Training, constitutes the TRAINING PORTION (WOW! that's a lot of training) of the course. After that, we hit the APPLICATION PORTION where, using 3 original songs, we will apply those training skills to answer this course's most important question- How do I strum to that song? What's really important in this phase is deciding what strumming solution best fits the VIBE of a song- that quiet voice inside your head that says to you "Yeah! That's how the song goes". This way you will STOP ALL YOUR STRUMMING FROM SOUNDING THE SAME. Finally, you will be able to hang with other players in the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP. Inside the Group you get access to me with scheduled OFFICE HOURS and additional lesson material to continue your strumming growth. This course is 100% digital.

62 page Training Manual

I explore the most important concepts of rhythm to prepare you for the actual TRAINING portion of the manual.

Over 4 Hours of Video Training

Over 4 hours of video training. I demonstrate each and every training exercise in the manual with additional video supporting important content throughout.

Private Facebook Group

This group is ONLY for those who have purchased the program.  You'll join a community of like-minded strummers all working toward improving their skills.  I hang out in the group weekly with OFFICE HOURS so I'm available to answer your questions or concerns.  I also provide additional training to the group addressing common strumming issues.

Why Would I Buy This Training?

Let's take a look at who can benefit from this training and who should NOT consider this training- at this time!

  • Well let's start with the most important point of this whole course.  If every song you currently play tends to be played the same way (using a few over used strum patterns that are NOT created by you - and that has you really frustrated), then this course will really open your eyes as to how strumming is really done.  Come on board and I'll help you change that frustration into strumming freedom.
  • On the other hand, if you're playing the song Keep on Rockin' in the Free World by Neil Young at one moment and then the song With or Without You by the rock band U2...and you're playing both of them with the same strum pattern you learned from your next door neighbor (and you're OK with that) then this course is probably not for you at this time.  But fear not!  If at some time later you feel ready to grow your strumming skills more, then I'll still be around to help you.
  • Interestingly, lots of students are under the impression that to be successful with this course they need to be able to both make & change chords effortlessly- I don't disagree.  BUT! (yeah there's always a BUT!).  At its core, rhythm training (in the form of strumming) does NOT REQUIRE CHORDS. Although some aspects of strumming do rely on hearing where chords are changing within a song, chords just make things sound pretty.  So you could do this course with no chord experience by just hitting "muted" strings- like a drummer on strings.  But I'll admit, using chords does make the training more motivating and interesting.  I'll let YOU decide what's best for you.
  • If you have never even questioned how strumming works- you just know you are already good at it intuitively, then this course might not be a great fit for you.  Still, if it helps you to actually better understand  the strumming that you do so naturally well, then I would say this course will help you do that for sure. 
  • Any skill requires patience (the research suggests 30-90 days of training before any real measurable results can be seen).  Unfortunately, the world we live in at this time is a very "I want it NOW!" world.  If you want this skill NOW then I am not the teacher for you and I would recommend not investing in this program at this time.  On the other hand, If you are a patient person and enjoy looking forward to the fruition of your work, then I'll be right beside you the whole way and this course will serve as an effective starting point for your strumming skill development.
  • Do you feel that ART should not be analysed and that you should just let your free spirit guide the process?  Then this course is probably not for you.  To me, ALL ART is a healthy mix of practice, application and analysis.  Maybe you are already doing the practice & application bit but are lacking in the analysis bit- the "What is it that I'm really doing while strumming?" bit.  In which case, you would definitely benefit from this course as it's main focus is to help you become MORE AWARE of what's actually happening while you strum.  Otherwise, we can still be friends and I'll thank you deeply for at least listening to what I have had to say about how strumming REALLY works.
  • All humans are rhythmic (whether they consider themselves as such or not).  With a little training, insight, concentration and practice (AKA repetition- a dirty word to many!), the skill of strumming is available to anyone.  It's true! For a few people, rhythm/strumming is intuitive but for the rest of us, we need training to make our natural rhythmic birthright develop and grow.  Sometimes it just takes a touch of momentary courage to try something different and be open to it.  In this regard, Guitar Strumming Decoded is accessible and beneficial to everyone.


A Guitar does not make rhythm.  Only a human can.



Welcome to Guitar Strumming Decoded...the way strumming a guitar should be learned.

~60 Day Guarantee~

But I don't want your money...that is, if you have really given this training your best.  For example, you've 1. Read the e-book, 2. Practiced with the videos and, 3. Have genuinely participated in the Private Facebook Group -including Office Hours- both contributing & receiving feedback within the Group) and you honestly feel that you have gained no further insight or skill from this course... 

I will pay YOU back your full investment- Promise!